Payment Solutions      

Card Programs
Convenient, secure, and functional - prepaid or stored value cards are now displacing traditional cash and cheques as forms of payment.
SelectCore provides customized or turn-key private label card solutions for multiple programs and sales verticals including:

  • Health Care
  • Travel
  • Transit
  • Loyalty
  • Open or Closed Loop
  • and more

 Benefits to our clients:

  • Reach new customers who may not currently qualify for, or want traditional banking services
  • Drive new customer growth and expand existing customer relationships
  • Generate new revenue streams
  • Significant cost savings for check-replacement programs
  • Streamline business processes

 Benefits to consumers:

  • Provide a safe, convenient way to distribute funds to family members or others
  • Enjoy the convenience and security of not having to carry cash
  • Eliminate high cheque-cashing fees
  • Simplify budgeting and track spending
  • Avoid the need for credit checks or a traditional bank account
  • Reduce dependence on friends and family for basic financial services
  • Enable everyday activities that require a card such as shopping online, booking travel, paying bills or even paying for gas at the pump.
  • Enjoy faster access to payroll or benefit funds deposited directly to the card